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Clinical Sector

Leaders in the plastic injection sector

We put at your disposal an experience of more than 45 years as a manufacturer of plastic parts for various sectors: perfumery, cosmetics, clinical sector, food and industry, among others. Located in the  industrial area of Barcelona , has modern facilities of more than 4,300 m2 and state-of-the-art technology. All this allows us to offer you a service of the highest quality, which strictly complies with the  ISO 9001 standard .

You will obtain a personalized, comprehensive service adapted to your needs. With this objective, all phases of the manufacturing process are developed: product design, mold creation, production, assembly-finishing, and quality control.

Thanks to a highly qualified human team and a continuous investment in productive, personal and research and development resources. We are a leading company in the sector, which is trusted by customers around the world.

Leaders in the plastic injection sector

Bet on a sustainable future

Nowadays people are much more  informed that in the past, awareness of critical issues is predominant:


We need another model of life. For this it is necessary to change consumption habits, for a more sustainable future.

Consumers are continually looking for healthier and more natural products and foods. They pay more attention to the composition of the formulas. They strive to find well-being by seeking authenticity but also paying attention to the recycling of waste and for this reason packaging has become the image that the company wants to project, thinking of a more ECO-thinking society. 

Fabrication process

Our manufacturing process consists of different phases:

- Design: We can develop a project from scratch, analyzing based on the client's economic and functional needs.  which is the best material, types of mold and its interaction with the rest of the packaging.

- Moulds: We make the molds with state-of-the-art machinery, guaranteeing high quality and durability to obtain the highest possible performance.

- Automated and robotic production with various production capacities to adjust to each process with the most suitable machine for each project.

- Assemblies and finishes: We customize the product and carry out a wide variety of finishes from assemblies, decoration, metallization, laser marking and even sterilization by Beta, Gamma or Eto.

- Exhaustive quality control following current regulations: ISO 9001, homologation of molds and parts. Application of standards 13485 medical devices and 15378 Gmp's pharma in process. 


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