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We offer all kinds of BIOCOMPOSTABLE products for any sector, from clinical or cosmetic to food or industrial, with products whose philosophy is the utmost respect for the environment, reusing organic waste, going to 0.0% plastic and improving performance to match them with current packaging, always with a certificate of biodegradability and non-toxicity at the end of life, a concept from earth to earth, making our actions have a positive impact on our planet.


Taking care of everyone's planet

Raer always looks for those BIO products that meet the following parameters:

- Fields destined for food production will not be used, only the waste they produce will be used, giving value to the product and helping the farmer.

- All products must be BIOcompostable and non-toxic at the end of life (certified).

- Mitigate the carbon footprint of the production process by planting trees in deforested areas (1 tree for every 1,500 bottles and/or 9,500 caps).

- All products must be washable and reusable.

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